My name is Amber Langerud, I am a photographer located near Audubon, Minnesota specializing in High School Senior, Equine Portrait and Wedding Photography.  I serve the Detroit Lakes and Fargo/Moorhead Area.  I am currently offering photo sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.


My Love - Helping you see your true beauty.

You are beautiful.  I know it.

Have you always thought you are not photogenic?  Wondered why you don't look as good in photographs as you do in the mirror.  The camera sees the world a bit different than our bare eyes.  Chances are you just don't know the secrets to looking great in images, such as dropping the shoulder closest to the camera or kicking your hips back or creating triangles.

That is what I am here for!  I specialize in helping my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and look their best through careful posing, use of camera angles and evoking natural emotions to create genuine images.

You might be thinking that sounds great, but how do I know if you are the right photographer for me?  Well, feel free to get in contact and let me know your questions and/or concerns.  To sum it up, its important to me that you look great in your photos but I do not believe in airbrushed, stiff images, I believe in real, natural images that show off your unique personality. 


A little bit about my story.

I am a small town farm girl who has always dreamed of owning my own business and I love photos and video.  To me, images are more than "just a picture", a photo tells a story and should be a work of art.

I have 3 beautiful horses who you might often times hear me refer to as my "kids".  My youngest will be turning 9 this year.  Its hard to believe.  When I was younger, I enjoyed training and showing my horses.  These days I ride just for fun and enjoy capturing through photo and video the connection between a girl and her horse. 

A few quick facts in case you were curious:

  • I am married to the love of my life
  • Dark Chocolate is my favorite sweet treat
  • My favorite flower is the rose
  • My parents had a dairy farm when I was little
  • I know how to drive a tractor and skidsteer (perks of growing up on a farm)
  • My favorite color horse is bay
  • I really, really like learning new things, you will often see me spending my spare time researching various topics

Enough about me...why don't you give me a call or send me an email, I would LOVE to hear about your story and what you want out of your photography session.

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