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the SENIOR guidE



My name is Amber Langerud, I am married to my best friend, a new mother and am passionate about making people feel truly beautiful through photography.


We are probably a great fit if you enjoy the outdoors and want portraits taken in the country, would like someone to tell you exactly where to put your hands when posing but also excited to include your ideas and want someone that is dedicated to showing off your, uniquely you, personality.

Bonus points if you love horses, flowy dresses and floral crowns!!


The Experience!

YOUR SENIOR SESSION IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! This is such an important part of your life, prepping for high school graduation and planning for the rest of your life. I am sure there is a mix of emotions like excitement for what is to come, a sadness for the friends you will leave behind and a bit of nervousness to leave the comfort of your family. Your senior pictures should show off your unique personality and where you are at in this moment in life. I created this guide for you, filled with some of my best tips and tricks to help ensure you have the best high school senior experience possible and help you pick a photographer.


The Perfect Outfit!

1. Your outfit is part of your first impression and plays a part in defining your personal style!

2. Flip through fashion magazines and pinterest to see what catches your eye, what trends are you loving and want to remember 20 years from now.

3. Details matter! Don't forget about matching necklace, earrings, shoes, floral crown, rings etc.

4. Dressing in layers allows you to quickly swap between different looks and get the most out of your session without doing a full outfit change!

5. Pick classic colors that compliment your skin tones and look great in the environment you are taking your pictures in. I personally love pastels and classic colors that go with the season when photographing out at the farm.

6. At the end of the day, what matters most is picking outfits that you feel confident in! Confidence shows in your portraits.



I LOVE SHOOTING OUTDOORS. You can create stunning, dynamic looks not otherwise possible. My husband and I own a farm near Audubon, MN. This is where the majority of my sessions take place. I have a few different areas of my farm to use depending on your style. We have open fields, old barn-wood, a grove of trees, and more.

New for 2018, we added an in home studio for poor weather conditions and your sports shots!


Session Prep

Can I bring a friend or family member with to my session?
YES! Bringing along an encouraging, photoshoot loving friend or two can make your experience a blast! We might even have time to snap a photo of the two of you to help remember this fun day. All I ask is if you bring along a family member or friend is that they do not bring with a camera and take pictures during the session.



Can I bring along props?
I love it when my portrait clients bring along a couple of their favorite things (such as a stack of books, their guitar or their fuzzy friend). Bringing along props or perhaps a special jacket or school memorabilia or even a hat you love helps your personality shine through your images.

How many outfits can I bring with?
This varies on how long the session is. I recommend at bringing at least 2 outfits and up to 4 outfits for the longer sessions. I like to get two distinct looks from your session either DRESSY & CASUAL or TRADITIONAL & TOTALLY YOU.

I want my pictures to be unique, how do I do this?
As I touched on when talking about outfits, it is advisable to have one outfit that is traditional and get the solid/traditional shots. Then I love to move the session into a uniquely you experience. You can help me create unique images by bringing along an outfit that shows off your unique personality and/or highlights your
interests (such as a dance outfit) and letting me know what “feel” you would like (i.e. fun and spontaneous, formal and serious, etc.).

I want to feel like a model, but have no modeling experience.
No problem, just come ready for a good time and remember to relax and enjoy!

Amber Langerud Photography_Payton&Jackson-333.JPG

Be Yourself

I love it when seniors include their personality in their shoot, one of my favorite stylized shoots from a couple years ago was Holly’s senior session, she planed to travel after high school and brought along props such as a map and globe!

My seniors will often times also include other interests such as fishing, cross country, track, their favorite four legged friend (be it your dog, horse or sheep). Or maybe you are a dancer and want to include your dance outfit/do some leaps.

The possibilities really are endless, just remember this session is all about your and where you are right now as you approach graduation and look to turn the next page in your book. Why not include a little bit of your favorites in your session, not only is it fun, but it also makes your session super unique, so your pictures are not “just like everyone else’s”.

Want to share with me some of your thoughts on how to include your hobbies? Feel free to reach out via email!


A Girl & Her Horse

If you are incorporating your horse into your portrait or high school senior session, let me know ahead of time how much focus you want on portraits with your horse v.s. the other traditional portraits, a general rule of thumb is use about 25%-50% of your session time with your horse.

Make sure you and your horse are well groomed, choose clothing and colors that fit well with the style and look you want as well as making sure you match your horse (i.e. neutral colors and western boots for a classy cowgirl look). I recommend dressing your horse in a bridle (rather than halter) for the shoot as it typically looks nicer.

Simple clean areas with great light make the best backgrounds. I can travel to you and your horse or you may use my farm for the location.


Amber Langerud Photography_Kirsten-153.JPG


Includes up to 3 hours of photography time
Perfect for multiple outfits and/or hobbies
Outdoor on location and/or studio setting
100+ Digital Images with Print Release

Country Styled Senior Guy Session by the Lake_0267.jpg


Includes up to 90 min of photography time
Perfect for 2-4 Outfit Changes
Outdoor on location and/or studio setting
40+ Digital Images with Print Release


Includes up to 30 min session time
Perfect for 1-2 outfits
10+ Images with Print Release

*limited availability


Add Ons

Off Season Mini Add On (20 min winter session): $150
Custom Designed Collage Prints: $40-$90
Photobook: $400
Guestbook photobook: $125
Thank you postcards (pack of 100): $100
Travel outside of 20 miles from Audubon: Request Quote

*All Products subject to state and local sales tax
**Spring 2019 prices, prices and packages subject to change without notice

Amber Langerud_Audubon, MN Outdoor Senior Session_0496.jpg

My experience with Amber Langerud Photography was exceptional, and I’m so glad I chose her! I wanted someone who could take pictures that embody who I am and what I value as a person. Ambers photography setting was able to set me apart from my other classmates and really be true to me!



Amber. Is. Awesome. The photo session was completely painless, and she was willing to try any ideas I had, as well as add her own great ideas! I didn’t have a hard time smiling for real in the pictures because I was having a good time. She did a great job, and was very reasonably priced. She gave ideas for some unplanned pictures that ended up being some of my favorites. She was very knowledgeable about lighting and how things would look best in pictures.


AmberLangerudPhotography_Country Styled High School Senior Session on the Lake_Livi_2391.jpg

It didn’t take long for me to become comfortable and open up [during my session]. I felt I could be myself and you were super encouraging and helped me feel myself! It was fun and I never felt rushed at all.



I feel like the pictures looked very natural. Amber was great to work with. She was patient will all my dressing changes and didn’t make me feel rushed. My friends have all commented how much they love my pics!



Amber makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I had a great time doing my senior shoot and I loved every shot!



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