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Why Amber Langerud Photography

I believe in loving your body and making you feel comfortable through precise posing, communication and chill atmosphere. You are beautiful, I can see it girl and will use posing to our advantage to show off all the right curves and minimize those areas you might not love as much.

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First off, I am so glad you are here! Boudoir photography is a unique experience to embrace yourself and become comfortable in your own skin. This can be great to gift to your husband for your wedding or perhaps an anniversary, valentines day or even better, just for yourself.

Nope, but it sure can be. Boudoir is more about embracing your body than a certain style of clothing or sultry look. And, if you are looking for a more 'covered' look (girl I have had a baby and am with you here), consider body suits, high waist bottoms or cute lounging outfits! And wearing something like your hubby’s favorite team sports jersey or a cute off the shoulder loose sweater or a cute lace robe are awesome options. Basically what I am saying is think beyond the bra & panty sets.

Bring along 2-4 outfits and some layering pieces, even if we do not use them all, it gives us the option for extra variety during your session. When you book, I’m excited to have a sweet little style guide to help you decide what types of lingerie might be best for you, tips on everything from showing off those abs you worked so hard on, to covering up those post baby stretch marks.

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Sessions start at $300 and ‘little black book’ albums to store your images start at $250.


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This is one time investing in professional hair and makeup or at least really taking the time to style your own can make a big difference, because girl, its all about those eyes <3.

Pick outfits that make you feel hot. Not only will you look great, but if you know you look great, it also shows through in your confidence and girl, confidence is your best accessory!

Boudoir is private and I only share images from your session with your permission (you will be able to choose to do so or not in the contract).

I am currently offering sessions at our in home studio near Audubon, MN.

My biggest fear was not liking my boudoir photos. It's such a different type of photo for me I didn't want to look at them and be disappointed in myself. But, Amber blew me away with the photo!. I couldn't believe it was me!


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This was my first boudoir shoot and I was nervous being in front of the camera showing more skin than I'm typically comfortable with. Amber's personality was warm and inviting making me feel comfortable off the bat. We decided to be more fun and playful than sexy which fit my personality. In looking at the shots she captured, I feel my self confidence boost.


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