Your Wedding From a Photographer's Perspective Part 5: The First Look

Guys, we have made it to my favorite part of the wedding day. The first look!! You and your groom to be are dressed and your day together is about to start! 

Your Wedding from a Photographer's Perspective | All about the first look

PART 5 - The First Look

You and your fiance are ready for the day, hair and makeup done, all dressed and now you get to see each other!!

The first look is my favorite part of your wedding day! It is a special moment for the two of you. I try to stay back, give you space and a few moments as you soak in all the emotions and each other's presence. 

What to expect:

I will pick a beautiful, simple location either near the venue or portrait location. What we are mainly looking for is an area with beautiful open shade. If you have a specific spot in mind that is really meaningful just let me know. 

We will set up the groom in this specific location facing away. Then the bride will walk up from behind, tapping him on the shoulder or giving a tickle when she is ready for them to see each other. During this time, ideally the photographers and videographers will be back a little ways giving the bride and groom some space to enjoy each other. I will wait for a gesture from the couple to know that they are ready before moving on to the next part of portraits.

The results:

You will likely enjoy the photos from this time after your wedding day, but truth its this moment is more about the moment that the photos to remember the moment.

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