Your Wedding From a Photographers Perspective Part 1: Pre-Wedding

As your wedding photographer, I get to spend quite a bit time with you and might even have an influence on how you plan your wedding day, such as setting up the ultimate wedding day timeline to help ensure you get all the images you wanted and have a low stress day.  Because of the amount of time we spend together and the influence your photographer has on your wedding day, I wanted to give you a quick look into what the wedding day process looks like from the photographer's perspective. 

Who is this for?  This series is for brides (and grooms) to be who want a little glimpse into the wedding photography process.

Your Wedding Day from a Photographer's Perspective | Pre-Wedding | Detroit Lakes, MN Wedding Photographer


Lets dive right into pre-wedding.  Pre-wedding includes booking, e-session and the pre-wedding questionnaire among others but that's the highlights.

1. Picking a Photographer & Booking

Picking a photographer is an important decision.  Not only is it important that you like their style, but also that you like their personality.  Your wedding photos and video will likely be two of the primary visual memories from your wedding day and each photographer and videographer tend to be a little different in their style for capturing your wedding day.  I am not saying one method is better than the other, just different, so it is important to find a photographer and/or videographer that matches up with your style and personal preferences!  Once you know you like their style, take a little time to check out their about page, give them a call or set up a meeting to make sure you two are a good fit in terms of personality as well.

Booking.  Once you have found the perfect photographer for you and your fiance and that photographer is open for your date it is time to book!  Yay, you are getting so close.  Most photographers will require a signed contract and non-refundable initial payment to secure your wedding date. 

Your Wedding Day from a Photographer's Perspective | The Engagement Session | Detroit Lakes, MN Wedding Photographer

2. The ENGAGEMENT Session!

Okay - so you have picked and booked your photographer, your wedding day is still at least a few months out so now it is time for your engagement pictures!  Engagement pictures are an important part of the wedding process as well as a great opportunity to showcase your unique personalities and love for each other!  If you are wondering why you should even schedule an engagement session, then check out this article!

What to expect at your engagement session and what to bring along:

Time: Engagement sessions typically take place on weekday evenings about 2 hours before sunset as that tends to be the most "romantic" lighting of the day and typically last 45-90 minutes.

Outfits: I recomend 2 outfits to get both a casual and a dressy look from our time together.

How to make your photos unique: Chances are you don't want just engagement pictures, you want engagement pictures that are uniquely you and show off your personality.  We achieve this through clothing choices, posing, location and props. 

Engagement Session | Bring your Puppy | Engagement Portraits by Amber Langerud Photography

What to bring along besides our outfits?:  Many couples do not include any props at all and that is quite alright, but say perhaps you love going on picnics, then maybe it would be appropriate to bring along a picnic basket and blanket or maybe you have a four legged companion you want to include in your shoot.  Really the possibilities are endless, during the engagement session planning processes, feel free to share your ideas with me and we can brainstorm how to make them work.

Location: Typically engagement sessions take place at the Amber Langerud Photography farm near Audubon, MN.  This is a country location with multiple options for different backdrops depending on your personality.  I will also travel in the local area for your engagement session if you have a particular and/or special location in mind!

3. Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

Your wedding day is only about 2 months away, we have met a few times by now, and now it is time to fill me in on how the planning came together, finalize the timeline and let me know of any thing extra special you want to make sure I capture.  In order to collect all this information, I have a questionnaire that I will email over. 

Stay tuned for next time when we start to get into the wedding day. 

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