Your Senior Photo Experience Part 3: Your Session Your Way

Your high school senior session is a once in a lifetime experience. Today we are talking about what to expect at your session and how to get the most out of your 90 minutes!

Now that you planned your perfect session, picked out some awesome outfits and picked your favorite time of year for your session, what actually happens at the session?

90 Min Session

You may have noticed I recommend a 90 minute session, but why, and how exactly does that time flow?

2-4 Outfits

I have found that 2-4 outfits is the perfect balance of variety but not overwhelming and that leaves us anywhere from 15-40 minutes per outfit (allowing for changing time) which is the perfect amount of time to get some awesome variety in each outfit.

1-2 Locations

Locations are lots of fun and really add to your session. Ideally we find a location with lots of options within walking distance or a quick drive as it makes it easier for you and we don't use up your time traveling. 

A few thoughts on timing

Your session is usually scheduled about 2 hours prior to sunset for that beautiful, flattering light. That makes it important for us to start on time or we might just run out of light. If you are interested in night photography or something a little different than the norm, just let me know and we can set up a custom session time for you!

Extra Outfits

You're telling me you have a 5th outfit that you absolutely love or you just can't quite choose and want a second opinion. Ladies, that is what I am here for. Feel free to bring along a few extra outfits to pick from and I can help you decide what will look good with the location/background/styling you are going for...and...if by chance we got through your first outfits quickly we might just have time for another. I mean there really are no restrictions or rules, just us having a great time snapping pictures as the sun goes down <3.

What to expect at your high school senior session with Amber Langerud Photography

How Exactly Does it go?

Now that you know a little bit about why sessions are 90 minutes, when they take place and what to bring along for outfits, you may be wondering how exactly this all goes down.

Outfit Evaluation

First things first- before starting the session we will go through your outfits together. This helps me plan for your session and get an idea of what outfits I want to have you wear for different locations around our farm or the location of your choice.

Posing Tips

Once we have evaluated your outfits we typically start off in the outfit you are wearing first. Ok so standing in front of the camera can be awkward, so we start off with some quick tips like how to angle your hips, hold your arms etc for great angles. Don't worry I will keep directing you through the entire session, but I find most people love getting that quick crash course at the beginning as it helps give a great idea of what to expect.

Warm Up

Sooooo being completely honest, the first 5 or so minutes of your session really are warm up time for us to get to know each other, I will have you try a variety of different poses to see what looks best for you and we will slowly get into our grove! Seriously though, once we get going it is so much fun, don't worry about a few minutes of awkwardness, I am just telling you this now, so you know its totally normal and completely okay.

Next Outfits

I will keep a lose eye on time and when I feel we have got a good variety from your first outfit, we'll switch to the next one and the next one after that.

Different Locations

Occasionally, even if you come out to my place, we will drive to a second location nearby (at the farm we are about 3 miles to a lake access we sometimes take pictures at as well as an awesome gravel road that I like to photograph with). Often times I suggest these nearby locations when you have an outfit that I just know will look awesome there and it is worth the couple minute drive!

Wrap Up

When time is up and we have probably taken way too many pictures, I will let you know and we will wrap up the session. You will gather all your things and we'll part ways until next time ;).

Sneak Peek

Right as I get back to my computer I am likely downloading your images, peaking through and picking a sneak peek as quick as I possibly can....because I...well just love to share and don't love keeping you waiting!! :)

Don't worry - next time in Part 4 we will cover what happens to the images after the session and how they are delivered.

How to book?!

Want to learn more and book your own senior session. Head on over to my high school seniors page and get in touch, I cannot wait to meet you!

Some Favs from Past Sessions

Your Senior Pictures Part 3: What to expect during your session!