Why I Shoot Outdoors | Detroit Lakes Area Portrait Photographer

There is the debate, have traditional studio portraits taken or outdoor more editorial or lifestyle photos taken.  There are pros and cons to each and what is best for you, ultimately comes down to you needs, desires and personality.  As for me, my photography style lends to shooting primarily outdoors, particularly in natural settings such as the farm my husband and I own.

Each photographer is different, we are not created equal.  The saying, you get what you pay for is often times true for photography as well.  Each photographer has a different style and skill level that work together to create the end product or their work.  So when you are looking for a photographer, I recommend looking through their galleries and asking yourself what you like about these images and what you dislike about them.  Often times it will either come down to the style of the photographs or the skill level taken to create them.  Once you do choose a photographer, tell them which images in their portfolio you were really drawn to, this will help you photographer focus their attention to the niche of their style you like best. 

I shoot outside because that is where my passion for photography began.  My passion for photography started with my horses.  I loved photographing my horses and sometimes when my cousin would come out and ride with me, we would take out the film camera and take pictures of each other posing with the horses.

This passion after many years slowly evolved into the desire to take up more professional photography, but I was still drawn to photography outside.  The kind that looks so natural, like it was happening right in front of you and captured in such a way that it looks like it should be in a magazine. 

Sure there are bugs outside, and not everything is perfect, but it is what speaks to me the most.  I grew up a farm girl, loving two things, the outdoors and technology.  Outdoor photography is the perfect balance. 



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~Amber Langerud