Why I Don't Believe in "Photogenic" | Amber Langerud Photography

I just wanted to drop in real quick and share my thoughts on being photogenic. I do not believe that some people are naturally more 'photogenic' than others. What I believe is they have some luck on their side that their natural state or reaction to having a camera pointed at them happens to be flattering to the camera. With this, I believe anyone can find their 'photogenic' side with just a little coaching and direction.

Professional photographers with extensive background in posing understand how the human body works and understand what positions are flattering not only to the human eye, but ultimately to the camera (because they are a little different). Remember that the camera only sees something in 2D so what might look 'awkward' from one angle looks great from another.

I love to work with clients to help their inner beauty radiate outward. We do this through excellent clothing choices, complimentary backgrounds (and more importantly lighting) and excellent posing. Yes, you might get an ab workout, but kicking back those hips are so worth it!

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Posing Today (for the ladies)

  1. Bend your front knee - that bend in your front knee creates a beautiful angle to your hips, accentuating your beautiful hourglass shape
  2. Get your hands away from your body! - put a hand on the hip, throw your thumb in your pocket, rest your hands on an object around you, do whatever you can to get those arms away from your body because you will look that much 'slimmer' because now you are just the width of your torso, rather than your torso + your arms
  3. Drop your shoulder closest to the camera - this elongates your neck and creates a flattering illusion of being longer and leaner

Get out there, be beautiful, be confident!

On another note, I am now taking bookings for spring sessions whether you are looking for a senior photographer, portraits with your horse or an anniversary session feel free to reach out, I will love to help you plan your dream session!