Why book a 90 minute session?

If you have been to my investment page recently, you may have seen that I have 1 option, a 90 minute session package.  Why 90 minutes you might ask?  In short, I have found 90 minutes to be the perfect balance between getting a large variety of images and looks from your session without being too exhausting or long.

What does 90 minutes include?

I have found a 90 minute session to be perfect for 1-2 locations and 2-4 outfits, sometimes more.  We will either spend time at one location with multiple available looks/backdrops or try and make it to two different locations.  We will also aim for 2-4 outfits of varying degrees of "formalness" to get multiple different looks from a relatively short period of time.  How many outfits will depend on you, your interests and how intense each "look" will be.  If a specific outfit/look includes more styling, it will take more time and vise versa. 

Why book a 90 minute session?

What if I want more?

What if you want more time you may ask?  From time to time, I have seniors who have additional interests/locations/outfits and if that is the case I am happy to add on time.  What we will typically do is an additional hour to make a 2.5 hour session.  A bit long for some, but if you are especially into your senior pictures and want to make sure all your interests are captured it can be perfect!  If you think this is you, just ask me at time of booking and I can put together a custom session quote for you.