What To Wear Part 2 | Color Theory

Last time we talked a bit about your personal set of colors and your body type and how that impacts picking out the perfect outfit for you photoshoot.  Today we'll take it one step further and chat a bit about the color wheel and how to pick different types of colors to set different moods or color style to your session.

Picking the perfect color outfits for your high school senior or engagement pictures!!



I am sure you all saw the color wheel in a high school art class or on some website and never thought too much of it.  Or at least that was me, until I started to realize how much color impacts everything around us, how things look, how we feel and the mood or emotion being portrayed.  To start out with the very basics, lets take a look at the warm and cool colors.

Color Theory for Picking Your Outfits for your engagement or senior session

Next we will take a look at some basic color relationships:

Color Theory for Picking Your Outfits for your engagement or senior session

How color relationships impact your choice of outfit colors?


Pick complementary colors (colors across from each other on the color wheel) for HIGH CONTRAST. 


Pick tertiary colors (colors equally spaced around the color wheel) for vibrant colors with a slightly MEDIUM CONTRAST. 


Pick analogous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel) for a peaceful, harmonious look and a slightly LOWER CONTRAST look.



So you might think all that is great, but how to pick the right colors?  First off all it is important to consider the color of your background, not just your outfits, so in the spring it is likely light greens, summer is dark greens and fall will be yellows and browns. Then think about your outfit (and others in the session with you if applicable) to the background and elements of your outfit.  If you want a peaceful, romantic photos you will likely go with tertiary or analogous colors and if you want bold, timeless images, you will likely pick complementary colors. 


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