What Camera Gear I Brought with on Our Recent Vacation to Lake Superior

A quick little run through on the gear I brought with on our recent vacation and a few sample pictures from the Lake Superior area!

Vacation Camera Gear

This photo outlines the gear I brought with, it is a fairly simple collection of gear, each with its own purpose and reasoning.

Canon 6D

I brought with my canon 6D full frame camera, its lighter and smaller than my Canon 5D mk III, but is still a full frame camera and very good at what it does.  My mistake here, I didn't bring with a neck or body sling strap.  I do not like using the traditional camera strap because when I am shooting professionally it tends to be in the way, is bulky and it is hard on my neck/back. However on vacation, I only wanted to use my camera leisurely and it would have been nice to just hang it around my neck. 

Lens for vacation photography

I will go through the lenses from smallest to largest focal length.  So to start off I brought with my Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4.  I love this lens, my go to portrait lens is my 85mm, but this lens has a special place in my bag and you likely will see it with me on all portrait and wedding shoots because in the right situation it creates magic.  I did use this lens for just a landscape picture or two, I'm glad I had it with. 

Lens vacation photography

Second off is a slightly less expensive lens.  This is my 50mm canon f/1.4 prime lens.  It is a great little walk around lens.  I like it, but ultimately I didn't use it much at all on our vacation.

Lens Vacation Photography

Lastly here is my canon 70-200 f/4 L lens.  This is the little brother to my canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS L lens.  I use this lens when I do not need the IS and f/2.8 because it is SO much lighter.  This lens was a great addition to my vacation photography bag.

And of course, we cannot for the the IPHONE camera.  This was the most used camera on our vacation because of the size and ease of use!

So I didn't shoot anything too fancy on this vacation, here are a few of my snapshots.

Lake Superior Vacation

And I had a little fun with the panoramas on my iphone.

Iphone Vacation Pictures
Iphone Vacation Photo

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~Amber Langerud