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Its almost everyday, my love for video grows.  Don't get me wrong, I still have a strong passion for photography, but the more I learn about video, the more I love it.  As many of you may know, I now offer wedding videography and next year am adding a video feature clip to my high school senior products.  I am very excited about where this will go. 

So what is it about video that has me so captivated you might ask?  It is the ability to tell a story, its the beauty of capturing the moment and it is the audio that goes along with the video.  One of the awesome parts of a wedding video is not just the beautiful video footage, but it is the stories from the day, whether from the speeches or the ceremony other words spoken throughout the day.  That is what completes a wedding video, that is what tells the story, that invites you into the moment and how special this very moment is. 

For a senor feature clip or save the date clip the words used to narrate the video can be omitted if desired or the story about how you met or for seniors what your plans are for after graduation or where you are at in life now, what motivates you and makes you feel energized to move forward and succeed. 

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