Tip Thursday | Picking a Wedding Dress Hanger

I know its usually tip Tuesday, but I am feeling like a rebel so I thought I would throw in a quick tip Thursday to go along with last Tuesday's blog post.  Last Tuesday, we talked about planning for the detail portion of your wedding photography.  As I was doing some wedding dress photography recently, I thought I would share one really quick tip that is easy to overlook!

Picking a Hanger for Your Wedding Dress | Detroit Lakes Area Photographer

As you are picking out a hanger to use for your wedding dress photography (I highly recommend picking something out as an alternative to the plastic hangers most dresses come with that shows off a bit of your personality or fits with the theme of your wedding), be sure to pick one with notches or a hook, so the hanger straps for the dress don't slide right off.  If there isn't a hook or notches it may be nearly impossible for me to use the beautiful hanger you picked out to photograph you dress.

Wooden hangers not quite your thing?  Check out this classy French Market Hanger as an awesome alternative!

Picking the perfect hanger for your wedding dress!

That's all for today's quick Tip Thursday, I hope it helps you out as your pick out your wedding dress hanger. 

Picking the perfect hanger for your wedding dress by Amber Langerud Photography

P.S. I absolutely love these custom wooden hangers, you can have them say your name, MRS, bride, the list goes on an on!  It is a nice classy touch to your special day plus a nice keepsake for your closet after the wedding day!  Not sure what to do for bridesmaids gifts?  These also make a great addition to your bridesmaid gifts, when I got married we made custom hangers for my bridesmaids, personal attendant as well as myself.

P.P.S. (if that's a thing) Want to find a balance between the very popular strapless dress and sleeves?  These capped sleeves are an awesome alternative!

Wedding Dress Hanger Tips by Amber Langerud Photography
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