The Evolution of the 50mm Lens | My Most Owned Lens

Today is a personal post on my journey through photography and how I have come to own 3 50mm lenses, I hope you enjoy and it is encouraging as you go on your own photo journey.

So there is there is this one lens that I own 3 copies off...eek!  It is the nifty-fifty as many people call it.  My journey into photography was just that, truly a journey.  I remember my first DSLR and how excited I was about it and then how not exciting kit lenses are and then how everyone talked about this cheap 50mm lens that is supposed to revolutionize your photography.

50mm Lens Lineup

Needless to say, I decided to give this little $100 lens a try and I loved it.  I mean I was doing so many things wrong in my photography, sometimes having too low of a shutter speed resulting in motion blur (good rule of thumb is a shutter speed of 2x your focal length).  Of course that was just a negative side effect of shooting in AV mode and not watching my settings (total rookie mistake!).  Nonetheless this 50mm lens introduced me to wide open apertures and I was hooked.

Then next came the canon 50mm f/1.4, moving up in the world :).  This lens was a birthday present and we got it right before my first Sue Bryce inspired natural light studio inspired shoot.  At this time I think I was still shooting in AV mode and not yet manual, but I was much better at keeping dibs on my settings to make sure I was in a good range in terms of shutter speed and ISO.  This particular shoot was so much fun and inspiring! 

Here is a photo from that very shoot years ago! 

Wow - it is crazy to look back on old photos!!  And the hairband on the wrist, I totally didn't notice things like that back then. || Taken with the Canon 60D & 50mm f1.4 lens

Wow - it is crazy to look back on old photos!!  And the hairband on the wrist, I totally didn't notice things like that back then. || Taken with the Canon 60D & 50mm f1.4 lens

I used this lens quite a bit, but 50mm (especially on full frame) just wasn't my favorite focal length for many of the portraits I was shooting.  This lead me to purchase the 85mm, but that is another story. 

My 50mm Lens Line-up

So Sigma's Art series of lenses started to capture my attention.  I invested in the Sigma Art 35mm to round off my trio of prime lenses (35, 50 & 85).  At first I was quite skeptical, it was my first 'non-canon' lens purchase, but I was blown away with awesome quality and beautiful imagery. 

Then at some point I decided I just needed to upgrade my 50mm (photog friends you know this, gear 'need' right?!?!) and it has been an amazingly good decision.  It has changed the way I look at 50mm.  I am finding I love the 50mm focal length for couple portraits and certain shots in my portrait shoots!  It has been awesome.  This lens has also treated me great for group photos, such as families.

A good lens is like a good friend, you know how they react in different circumstances, you can rely on them in the toughest of situations and you may have different friends for different activities, such as work friends, friends you go out to sports games with, double date friends etc. 

Truth be told, I am a prime lens girl, through and through, but my new 24-70 f/2.8 V2 lens is stealing my heart, I don't even know how this is happening!!  The more I use this lens on shoots, the more I know how it reacts in different circumstances and the more I trust it.  The photos in this article were taken with my canon 24-70 f/2.8L V2 lens and this flash setup.


Here is a short sample of images I have taken with my Sigma Art 50mm lens:

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