Thankful and the Holidays are Here

Today is a personal post that I thought might be fitting considering we are amidst the holiday season, just past Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner.  There is quite simply so much to be grateful for this year.  Everything from a beautiful family to an amazingly supportive husband to my horses.

My Family

Above is our family photo from this fall.  #IAmInThisPhotoAndITookItLike my hashtag?!  I was planning to take these photos with my remote shutter release, but unfortunately it appeared that my battery had gone dead, so I resorted to the 10 second shutter release function on my camera.  I am telling you that is a work out!!  (Compose the images - start the timer - run back into the photo - repeat).  And tricky because we are all making "fake" smiles by the time 10 seconds comes around :). 

Back to the above photo, can you tell which one of us isn't related?  Hint: my husband is on the far left.

Here is one of my brothers and I.

My Family

So today I wanted to say a bit about what I am grateful for this year. 

First of all, I am very grateful for my husband, his patience for me and his support for me and my business.  I have drug this man through business decisions, shooting weddings with me and learning video and sound.  He never ceases to amaze me!  I really appreciate this man and everything he has done for me. 

Next off, I am very grateful for my family.  They have ALWAYS been here for me, supported me and listen to my crazy ideas. 

But none of this would be possible without clients, I am so blessed to have such great clients who go out of their way to work with me and support my business!

And on a side note, although I do not have time to ride like I used to, I am grateful for my three horses who have been with me for 8+ years.  They are kinda like my 4 legged kids.  Here are my boys, Zorro and Chaps.  (Aren't they cuties!)


Okay - and one more family photo to finish off this post.

My Family

What are you thankful for this holiday season?