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I was recently asked how to take better pictures of jewelry, as I do not photograph jewelry often, I decided to break out my photography skills and see how it relates to jewelry/products.  I occasionally photograph photography products for brochures, my blog, advertising, etc. 

When I photograph those types of things I use my small wood floordrop made from a handful of $1.00 board from Menards!  I do have intentions of painting one side, so I have both a painted and natural look as options . . . maybe someday :).

Window Light
I love natural light so my first tip is find a window.  For this jewelry photography test I set my floordrop on my kitchen table next to the window.  You can laugh at my curtains.  I have never changed them, they are the curtains that came with the house. :) 

Window Light Product Photography

Light Direction
My two favorite ways to photography products by the window is with light coming in from behind or from the side.  As you can see here, with the light coming from behind (shooting towards the window), I get a soft glowy light behind the necklace.  When the light is coming from the side, the light looks a little more "flat" in some ways.  Which approach you use will depend on your style and the characteristics of what you are photographing.  Feel free to experiment and play around here to decide what you like best. 

Window Light Direction Product Photography

Other thoughts
Some other things that work great to set your product on to photograph are non glossy surfaces such as cute throw pillows (I love colored chevron), fabric and flooring.

How to Product Photography

I hope those couple tips help your product, jewelry or blog photography.  Want to hear more or learn more about this?  Head on over to my contact page and let me know!  

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~Amber Langerud