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Recently I got the privilege of working with the lovely Sarah Wendt on a video project I had in mind.  I wanted to combine my passion of photography and videography with the beauty and elegance of a dancer.  

When I first started work in photography I was intimidated by the video mode in my gear.  It however didn't take long for curiosity to overtake my intimidation.  I started by secretly capturing a few short video clips in my model sessions.  The results encouraged me to do more.  After about a year of playing with taking short video clips in occasional photo sessions, I decided it was finally time to do a "video project".  

I learned a lot in this project and hope to do more and if there is a demand I might even add it to my product list.  

Detroit Lakes Area Photographer | Dance Pictures | Amber Langerud Photography

Ok - so I know I said it was a video project, but as a photographer, even a video project includes pictures! 

~Amber Langerud