My Latest Wintertime Hobby

I am not normally big into cooking, I like to keep meals simple and find ways to uses the least amount of pots and pans possible (who really likes to wash dishes?).  However, my latest little wintertime hobby has been reading food blogs and of course whipping up a few of their recipes!  I am no foodie expert by a long shot, but it sure has been fun to try some new things.  On of my favorites has been homemade soft pretzels from Desert for 2!  Just through in some wheat flour and they are almost good for you right?  Another favorite of mine has been these granola bars.  However, they are kinda dangerous to make as I tend to have low self control when it comes to not eating them all!

Granola Bars :)

Granola Bars :)

So just where have I been going for my recipe inspiration? 

1. Pinterest (Those awesome pictures of the food make me want to eat it all!)

2. Desert for 2 - this super awesome website I ran across has small batch recipes for dinners and deserts in smaller batches, often times perfect for 2, which is perfect for my husband and I!

3. Cookie and Kate - I am not vegitarian, but have got some awesome recipes off this site.

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