Product Spotlight: Grad Magazines | MN High School Senior Photographer

I love these magazine's!  They are such a great way to remember this time in life, some of the highlights from high school and where you are at.  These magazines are great to share with family and friends as well as place out at graduation. 

Each magazine contains 12 custom pages (including the covers)  with images from their high school senior session.  These magazines are printed on a lightweight magazine stock with saddle stitch binding.  I do want to warn that these magazines are not as durable as albums and photobooks and are very susceptible to wear and water damage but are priced accordingly. 

When cared for properly, think of the memories these fun magazines can hold and easily be shared with friends and family. 

Interested in a custom magazine for your graduation or child?  Head on over to the contact page to learn more about booking a session and current magazine prices.

~Amber Langerud