What If? | Detroit Lakes Area High School Senior Photographer

As a small business owner, I ask myself "what if" quite often.  It is part of dreaming and product creation and continuing my creativity.  With high school senior photography season approaching quickly, I have been asking myself this question.

What if high school senior photos were less about the same old poses in the same old locations and more about capturing your unique personality, showing off who you are as you are approaching graduating high school?  That is my dream and hope with each and every high school senior client.

I am not saying everyone needs their pictures taken in a different location, or even that different girls shouldn't be posed in the same way.  Yet rather that for each location and pose a bit of you is added into the image.  Whether it is your smirk or twirling your hair or your horse.  A little bit of you shines through in your images.  My goal is for everyone to be able to look at their pictures and say "this is so me".  I understand as that I am human I may not be able to reach this goal at 100% success, but none-the-less I am going to strive and work towards it.

~Amber Langerud