Photoshoot Makeup Tip | Detroit Lakes Area Portrait Photographer

Makeup, it is one of those things that some days I feel like I nail, some days I don't feel like wearing any at all and some days I wonder why I try.  Actually, shortly after I started photographing high school seniors I started studying makeup a bit, because I knew that great makeup really helped make a shot stand out, but I was not really sure what made great makeup great makeup. 

One of the first things I started to learn about was highlighting and contouring.  This one crazy simple little trick makes your cheeks look slimmer, your nose look smaller (and straighter if needed) and accentuates your jaw line.  Like WOW!  Huge difference, little makeup and very natural looking makeup.  This is one of those mind blown moments ;).

When I first started highlighting and contouring (often referred to as HAC) as a part of my daily routine, I was using a concealer stick and bonzer to highlight and contour respectively.  Lately I have been using Maskcara's product (shown in picture).  She has recently upgraded her packaging, but still same concepts, a slightly lighter color than your skin tone to highlight and a darker color to contour. 

Not sure how to highlight and contour?  Well there are different tips and tricks depending on your face shape, I recommend heading on over to youtube and watching a few tutorials (one of the best ways to learn right?).

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~Amber Langerud