How to Get Great Focus | Detroit Lakes Area Portrait Photographer

So you have a great camera but it does not seem to be focusing quite the way you like?

You may or may not have heard of selective point focus.  So when, you press down the shutter half way, you might see these boxes light up on the area your camera is focusing on (this is how canon DSLRs look anyways).  Well, what if I could tell you, you can pick which one of those points lights up and and is chosen as the focus point.  This is a huge step forward to more consistent photos for many people!

So - go grab your manual and figure out how to take advantage of the selective focus point features.  I have my settings tweaked so that when I press my shutter halfway, I can then move my focus point around using the toggle button on the back of my camera.

Some people use only the center focus point and then recompose.  I do not use this method, but I am also not saying it is wrong, just another style.

You might be asking - well now that we know how to use selective focus, how do we use it?  I am a portrait photographer, so I will give you the portrait application.  In portrait photography, almost always, put the focus point on the eye of your subject.  Naturally when we look at an image, we expect the eye to be the sharpest/most in focus part of the picture.

Could you imaging if the focal point on this image was on her ear rather than her eye, or perhaps her necklace?  Even though this image has a rather shallow depth of field and much of it is "out of focus", since her eyes are in focus the image looks "right".  

Detroit Lakes, Fargo/Moorhead Photographer
Detroit Lakes, Fargo/Moorhead Photographer

Hope you all are still loving photography as much as me!  It is so great, all the little secrets packed into your DSLR camera and you might be realizing now how pictures are so much more about who is taking the pictures than the camera taking them.

~Amber Langerud

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