Inspirational Quote and My Horses

Photo Quote, Horses, Detroit Lakes, Fargo/Moorhead Photographer

I went out for a walk the other day, decided to photograph my original photography subject before I got into photographing people.  They are still pretty fuzzy wuzzy from winter, but it is coming out quickly!  I love spring, other than all the horse hair we drag into the house.  It looks like we have a house pet some days, yikes!  I am appreciating the wind and warm days, the mud is finally drying up out on the farm.  

I found the quote on the Forbes top 100 inspirational quotes.  Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down with the business of life and it helps to just take a moment and think about how we impact the world and how our actions affect others.  So, today I remind you to try and make others feel good...I think I needed that reminder today too.

~Amber Langerud