So you probably know how much I love and talk about photobooks all the time.  They are my favorite photo product by far!  Yes, I do have tons of pictures on my walls of my husband and I as well, but photobooks are a treasure that you share with family and friends and pass down from generation to generation. That is precious!

Well, I thought instead of just telling you how much I love photobooks all the time, I would show you some pictures of how awesome they are :).  Enjoy my friends.

By the way, photobooks are not just for weddings and engagements, they are great for family pictures, senior pictures and more because they keep all your pictures together in one place.  You could start a tradition of ordering a photobook of your family pictures each year and watch as your family grows over the years.

By the way, isn't that charm bag that comes with the little 5x5 book so cute!

~Amber Langerud
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