DIY Crafts: Cute Fridge Magnet with Clips

These cute fridge magnets are easy to make and have cute mini cloths pins that are handy for holding notes, invites and pictures.  I designed mine with my business card, but you can use any cut-out or other image for the "standout" part.

What you will need:
DIY Scrapbooking Craft, Fridge Magnet with clips

Paper Cutter
Utility Knife 
Elmers Glue
Super Glue or Hot Glue Gun

Scrapbooking paper
Roll of Magnets
Mini Clothes Pins
Foam Standouts
Foam Core Tag Board

What I did:
1. Determined the size of the magnet based on the size of my business card
2. Cut foam board to desired size with utility knife
3. Cut scrapbooking paper to desired size with paper cutter and glued scrapbooking paper to the foam core
4. Attached my business card using the foam standout tape
5. Attached magnets to back 
5. Used super glue to attach the mini clothes pins to my magnet
6. Hung it on my fridge!

DIY Scrapbooking Craft, Fridge Magnet with clips


~Amber Langerud
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