What to Wear for Senior Pictures

It is the big question, what should I wear?  Well, first and foremost I believe you will love your senior pictures the most if you wear clothing you feel beautiful and confident in.  The key to this is clothing that fits your body.

For my all of my seniors I like to get at least 2 looks, one casual and one "more formal".

Here are my guidelines:
  -classic, avoid anything too trendy that will go out of style
  -simple colors, not too many patterns
  -one jeans/shorts tee/tank and one dress or skirt

Here are some examples of what others have done for their sessions!

Jasmine actually had two dresses and two jeans & tee/tank looks, here are a couple of them.  She also had a long sleeve shirt to put over her tank top for another quick look change.

Detroit Lakes Photographer | What to Wear for Senior Pictures | High School Senior Photographer

Here Hanna had a tank top and jeans and a very cute summer dress!

Lindsey's shoot was interesting since it started raining, but we still went for it.  She wore my boots since it was muddy with her jeans which actually turned out really cute since they matched her shirt!  Towards the end with her dress we decided to take some pictures without the umbrella and get wet!  LOVE it!

OOoo, this is one of my favorites.  Lindsey had a couple different shirts and pairs of shorts that we used to get different looks and this adorable white "country" looking dress.

Always feel free to talk to me or your senior photographer about what types of outfits they think will work best for you.  I love it when my seniors bring with a couple extra outfits and we can pick what feels best for the lighting that evening.  And do not forget that feeling confident in what you are wearing is most important as that shows through in your images!

~Amber Langerud