My Favorite Things: Mascara

For those who have known me since high school, you know that I used to think makeup was a waste of money and time.  Since then, I have learned more about makeup and how to use it to accentuate what you have and look very natural, not fake and overdone.  Also, maybe I have just matured more and now appreciate beauty at a new level.  Or maybe it is because I am now a photographer and really appreciate how makeup can add an extra dimension in photographs.  Whatever it is, I have found a new appreciation for makeup and today I want to share with you my new favorite mascara.  I have been using this brand since April when I got a free sample for my birthday, darn they know how to catch you!  It is They're Real by Benefit and it makes my lashes look so much fuller and nicer than what I had been using in the past.  So much so that I justified spending $23 on a tube of it.  This mascara can be found at Sephora or direct from Benefit.

Detroit Lakes area Photographer | Makeup tips for your photo/portrait session

I have found that first curling my eye lashes really make a difference in opening up my eyes and creating a gorgeous lash.  Above I have my sample tube next to my full size tube.  I keep the sample size in my purse because I have ran out to work before forgetting to put on mascara.  

In one book I read on applying makeup to make you look healthier, more beautiful and younger, they considered eye liner for everyday makeup option but mascara essential.  

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~Amber Langerud