Minnesota Winter on the Farm

Its been pretty cold in Minnesota lately, last week the nights were getting to -20/-30F.  Burr, that's all I have to say!  Yesterday was a bit warmer, zero to slightly above zero.  Unfortunately for the the horse's waterer froze again.  Lucky for me, I have an amazing husband who fixes it every time!  This time the heat tape went bad, so we had to thaw out the pipe to the richie and put in new heat tape.  Its a good thing I really love my horses because they have been quite a bit of work lately.  Its a good thing my husband loves them too!

So instead of going for a ride like we intended, we fixed the horses' water and I managed to sneak in a few pictures with the light fluffy snow flakes coming down :).  Enjoy!

Detroit Lakes area Photographer | Minnesota Winter | Horses in the Snow

Winter can be so pretty.  If you are considering getting outdoor winter portraits taken, let me know.  I would LOVE to get some gorgeous portraits of you or your family with the scenery of winter and maybe, if we're lucky even some snow flakes coming down like in the pictures above.  I can be contacted by email or phone (more info on my contact me page).

Thanks for reading!  I hope your winter has had less frozen water than mine and everyone has been able to stay warm.

~Amber Langerud