A new way to do foundation?

Maskcara came out with her new line of makeup called IIID foundation.  I decided to try it out.

Instead of having one solid color like traditional foundation, it has a dark to contour your face and a light to highlight.  This allows you to accent your facial features and create depth in your face.  So far I like it, but am not sure if it is worth $26.  I feel like my previous method of using a highlighting concealer and bronzer was also effective.  The real benefit of this product is that it is a cream foundation so it also covers my blemishes so I do not have to do a layer of foundation before applying bronzer.  

Has anyone else tried this new makeup?  If so let me know your thoughts.  

Want to learn more about Maskcara makeup?  Check out her page http://www.maskcara.com/all-about-iiid-foundation/.

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~Amber Langerud

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