Canvases of Your Family Photos

Ohlala...the beloved canvas.  I love canvas prints, they are such a gorgeous, artistic way to display your family photos on your wall.  For those of you who are interested in canvas but not sure if it is right for you, I have good news!  I have a sample canvas now available for you to look at during your ordering appointment.  This way you get to touch feel and learn more about what it means to own a canvas or group of canvases for you wall(s).

The canvases I offer are called gallery wrap canvases, meaning they are wrapped around a lightweight wooden frame and are ready to hang.

Canvases are more than just wall art for your home, they are a memory, something you can walk by every day and smile because of the joy the photograph brings back.  Canvases are a wonderful way to celebrate your family and what they mean to you.

My sample canvas is of a Detroit Lakes family and is 16"x24".  I personally love this size, not too big and not too small for most walls.

~Amber Langerud
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