Using Textures to Create Depth in your Images

Textures can be used as a great way to enhance your images and create depth.  I have a couple examples here using the free textures from Fundy Software.  I used photoshop CS6 to apply the textures.  The most common way to apply textures is place the texture on top of the image, resize to fit and choose overlay or soft light as the blending mode.  Then if needed you can adjust the opacity.

I personally do not use textures that often, since it is not my style, but it can be quite fun and every once in a while I run across an image that really benefits from it.

The before picture is always first and the after picture second.  Enjoy!

Adding the texture to this image not only added depth and interest, but also some attitude
Detroit Lakes Beauty, Fashion Photographer, Senior Photographer

I am not sure if I am a huge fan of the textures when I use my white background because it makes the picture  look a bit dirty in my opinion

I used hard light rather than soft light on this one...I think I would like it better if I backed the opacity off a bit more, but I still like it
Detroit Lakes Beauty/Fashion Photographer, Senior Photographer

I love how the texture shows up on this image, it is subtle, yet adds a nice feeling to the image
Detroit Lakes Beauty/Fashion Photographer, Senior Photographer