Fashion Friday

Me back then :)
I am a farm girl, have been my entire life.  When people use the joke they grew up in the barn...well I know I spent part of my childhood in a dairy barn while my parents milked cows, first in a playpen, then bouncy chairs...and then they started to let me run around.

I love my farm life so much that I have always lived on a farm and hope to for the rest of my life.  Now that my husband and I recently bought our farm, we just have a couple horses.  However, we plan on getting some cattle and chickens eventually.  We also do some hay farming on the side.


Believe it or not...I did do a modeling workshop when I was around middle school age.  This was quite the eye opener on making yourself gorgeous and about self image, then we did model some clothes from Herbergers at the local mall.


Then when I was 17, I participated in a local pageant.  I was always quite shy and this was a bit terrifying for me, however the speech part was great practice for giving my valedictorian speech when I graduated High School.

I have always liked to look pretty, but also was not afraid of getting dirty and getting good grades in high school & college were always the most important to me.

My husband & I (photo by photography by hope)
But now that I am married, we are settled in our new farm and I have a full time job, I am ready for this next adventure in life...learning more about fashion, make-up application and such.  We will never get the farm completely out of me though, just a forewarning :).
I am starting with the make-up.  I recently spend more money at Sephora than I thought I would spend on make-up in my lifetime!!  Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but $70 seems like quite a bit for a couple eye-shadow pallets.

I also picked up some things on Amazon, such as Bahama Mamma bronzer (who knew you could highlight and contour your face...I had never heard of it before, now I can hardly leave the house without doing it!) and some other odds and ends.

I hope you stay tuned to my Fashion Fridays as I share with you my journey of  learning more about make-up and beauty.  Oh, I also forgot to mention, I ordered a curling iron on Amazon yesterday and learned some new curling techniques maybe it is possible to curl my hair....can't wait to try!!!

~Amber Langerud