What to Expect if You Hire Me?

It can be tough to get behind the lens of a camera, trust me I know.  You need to have a large degree of trust in the person holding the camera, especially if you are handing your hard earned money over to them to get the pictures taken.

Or, if the pictures you are getting are not of you, but your children, you may be afraid they will misbehave, that is ok.  Kids will be kids and we work to create a non stress environment for both the parent and the kids.  That makes for happier kids, happier parents and capturing better photographic moments.

With two boys I photographed not too long ago, I wanted to get a picture of them together, but they had way too much energy.  So, we made a deal, I jumped on the trampoline for a couple minutes in exchange for two poses.  It worked really well in a two fold way, they thought they were getting what they wanted and it burned off a little energy!  I had so much fun :).

What to expect in a typical session:
1. Booking session and pre-session discussion/questions
First of all, we will talk via phone or email coming up to the session, I may ask a few questions about you or your family and why you want the pictures taken.  i.e. Family wall portrait, pictures for your desk at work, just to capture the moments before they are gone.  Whatever reason you are getting the pictures taken, it is a good reason and I want to help you achieve your goals with your session.

2. Meet for the photoshoot 
Then after the pre-session discussion, we will meet at the desired location for the session. {I shoot on location, this can be at my farm, your property or a public park/beach}.  I also take pictures in my in home studio.

3. Discussing last minute details on location
We can spend a couple minutes talking, discuss once again any poses you are hoping for, if there are any particular backgrounds you like.  If you do not know, do not worry, I will come with lots of ideas.  Final session payments are also due at this time.

4. Photography time! 
When we are ready I will start shooting, the session will last for the length of session you ordered, often times you can order a longer session on location if you so desire.

5. Viewing/Print Ordering Time
We can meet at a coffee shop or your home.  We go through your images and see your gut reactions on LIKE, LOVE and CANNOT live without!  This is an awesome tool to help decide which pictures are most important to order larger prints of, if you so desire.  This is a no pressure time.  My goal is to help you decide what you want and need, not just up-sell you to larger packages and more prints.  Payment for the prints is due upon the sale and we will discuss at that time when the prints will be delivered.    

Seem like a long process?  Really it is not and truly, it is fun!

Phew, that was a lot of information!  Did you make it through it all?  If so, you should know just about all you need to know for a session with me, but of course as always there are some details that got left out.  Seriously, if you have questions, send me an email or give me a call {this info can be found on the contact page and do not forget to read what others have said about my photography while you are there!}.

~Amber Langerud
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