I love my Moo Cards and get 10% off!

Now you are probably thinking...what?!  What on the earth are moo cards?  They are business cards from moo.com with one very special and unique property, you can have a different image on the back of each business card.  I love this feature!!!

It is great for showing off your portfolio or in my case if you do a special event, you can give your customer a business card with their picture on it!  I just recently did that with a horse show I covered and I covered everyone in the show, so I am mailing out their disk of images along with a business card with their picture on the back.

The moo cards, all with a different image on them

Not only can you showcase a different picture on the back of each card, but the paper is also excellent.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of paper!

If you are interested in picking up some for yourself I have a link to get 10% off of your order!

You'll get 10% off and I will get a small credit for referring you, its a win win.   But trust me, I would not recommend them if I was not truly impressed.

I am still waiting to get my business cards from vistaprint (use this link & you will get a $5 discount), they should come in this week.  They will be lower quality and just one image on the back, but that is alright, they will work well for leaving and places to hand out and such.

~Amber Langerud
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