Hi and welcome to the cyberspace home of Amber Langerud Photography.  I am glad you dropped by.  If you have lately, you will realized we have been under construction for a little while.  Here is just a quick back story, I made the shell of the website a few weeks before my wedding, then I got married, went on our honeymoon (It was a blast, we checked out the mountains of Colorado).  Then I moved my stuff to my husband's place and we have been working on setting up house and doing home improvement projects!  How is that for the last month and a half of my life :).

Anyways, so this site will be somewhat of a crossover between a blog and a standard website.  I plan on putting up the latest photoshoots I have been doing and maybe a little sneak peak into my life, but also have my company information and such available here, rather than another website.  At least that is how I plan on starting out.  You may notice that I currently have a .blogspot.com address, well I plan on purchasing a .com address for the site in the near future.

That is all for now, thanks again for stopping by and hope you check back soon for more updates.  But for now my facebook page is up and running.  You may want to check it out because it has some of my work up on it.  http://www.facebook.com/AmberLangerudPhotography  Feel free to like my page as well, I would really appreciate it!

That's all for now, we'll try and keep in touch!

~Amber Langerud
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