Happy New Year: My 2017 Goals and Plans | Amber Langerud Photography, Detroit Lakes Area Wedding Photographer

Hi friends. I know my plain old personal posts are few and far between on the blog. This is the big, bad internet and sometimes it is simply scary to share the depths of my heart and sometimes I figure you would just rather hear about the beautiful people I've been photographing and some tips and tricks. However, I do want to share with you some of my heart and the reason behind my business. Taking you behind the photos and videos and into the why.

Amber Langerud Photography personal post - behind the scenes and 2017 goals

My 2017 Goals

In the good spirit of the new year, I have spent some time re-evaluating my 2016 goals and results as well as looking forward to 2017 and setting goals for the new year. Ok - to be completely honest I did much of this in December a little early...well because sometimes I get a crazy idea and run with it :).

Sharing More

So first of all one of my goals for this coming year is to share some more personal posts (if you want them), like I mentioned above it is so easy to just get 'busy' with life and be kind of superficial with my blog posts, skimming the issues that really matter and instead filling your feed with just a bunch of pretty pictures, which I LOVE to do, but I want my blog to become more and maybe even so a resource, which brings me to my next goal.


This has been a part of my long term goals for a while now, and I am not sure what capacity it will be in to be quite honest, but I have a heart to teach and share.

For the short term I want it to be in the form of my blog and gasp maybe even my newsletter (sorry if you are on the list, you have probably noticed I have not sent out an email in a while....I do need to fix that!). I hope to eventually teach other photographers, but also my clients (and others) through tips and articles shared right here. And maybe, just maybe eventually someday offer some sort of in person workshop, but probably not this year. If you want to see that happen in 2017 - be sure to head on over to my contact form and let me know, I would love to hear from you!


More films. Another one of my goals for this year is to incorporate more films into my work.

I have been very reluctant to even tell people I offer wedding and senior films (its buried on my website) just because of the extra time commitment in filming vs photo editing and simply my fear. You know that fear of telling the world you do something new, fear of rejection, fear of failure. Well I really want to move past those fears and tell people I offer these services and make it more apparent/easy to find on my site. The other is of course costs, I am terrible at selling, I don't like asking people to spend money, let alone extra money and well adding a film is adding extra cost, but well worth it.

I did a coaching call with The Herrington's this winter on wedding films/workflow etc this winter and it was AMAZING. A huge confidence boost and some tips and ideas to really get me headed in the right direction.

Web Presence

So - I do really like my website now, I have spend good time and money to make it easy to navigate, understand, etc. BUT - I have a few things I do not like, some limitations with my current website provider and a few minor frustrations on the back-end (I'm sure this is getting boring by now...just explaining myself) so another goal for 2017 is to revamp my web presence with a new website provider. If that ends up not working out, then I am just going to continue to revamp this one to be easier to use and follow.

I am really excited about the possibility of this, don't worry I plan to keep you in the loop as we move towards this, no date set yet, I am still researching my options, but hope to make a decision soon so I can get started on the site. I hope this new site will not only be easier for me to use and post to but also be an even greater resource to you whether you are a bride to be or senior searching for a photographer or a fellow photographer looking for some tips and tricks to growing your business or camera skills.


Of course there are some others, but those are a few of my big ones along side the typical business goals such as number of weddings and sessions :).

Final Thoughts

Thank you for following along! This wouldn't happen without you. If there is anything else you would like to see on the blog let me know. I can't promise everything, but I would like to take into consideration all of your suggestions and ideas, after all I write this for you.