Fall, Lake Park, MN Wedding VIDEO | Mark & Eva Part 2

And now I present to you part 2 of Mark and Eva's wedding day love story (you can see part 1, the photo story here).  As I mentioned in Mark and Eva's wedding day photo blog post, these two are simply perfect together, as you listen to a bit more of their story throughout this video you will know what I'm talking about, their love for each other is beautiful and the support their family and friends have for them and their marriage is huge!  These two are just meant to be. 

Mark and Eva gave us at Amber Langerud Photography the opportunity to both photograph and video their wedding, it was super fun, but none the less a huge undertaking, I want to give a huge shout-out to Sarah Pilon for assisting us on their wedding day and helping me stay organized and grabbing my camera bag every time I set it down and of course to my Husband Luke who was a huge part in making this as he captured a good portion of the video footage while I was photographing the bride and groom.  We hope to be doing many more wedding videos in the future!

Well enough about all that, here is the video you have been waiting for!

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~Amber Langerud

P.S. If you are considering writing letters to each other like this couple did on the wedding day, just do it!  It is a beautiful way to express your love for each other, remind each other what your wedding day is all about and if you are having a wedding day video made, it makes for a beautiful way to narrate your story.