A Few Thoughts on the Age Old Question of What to Wear to Your Photoshoot

I recently had the pleasure of hearing the talented Taunya Todd speak on fashion, body styles and picking the right colors for your color.  I knew right away I needed to share this with you as you pick out outfits for your upcoming shoot, whether it be your engagement or senior pictures, the same concepts apply. 

My Take-Away From the Session

My biggest take away from the session is you want to make fashion/clothing choices that accent you, so the first thing people will see is you and how beautiful you are and not your clothing.  How true is this!  As photographers we are saying things like avoid distracting patterns or overly trendy clothing that will quickly date your pictures, but really deep down what we are saying is pick clothing that accents you and makes you feel and look beautiful.

Picking the perfect outfit for your photoshoot

Picking the Right Colors for You

Taunya spoke on a 6 point color system that author Shari Braendel talks about in her books and online training.  This consists of light, soft, warm, deep, clear and cool.  Ever wondered why you really like some colors on you and not others?  It might just have to do with what colors look good on you because of your hair color, skin tone and eye color.  Who knew?! 

Once you discover your color, you may enjoy browsing Taunya's pinterest boards full of outfit inspiration broke down into each category.

Body Shape

Not size, shape.  Taunya also covered the "bod-x" body system, covering 4 basic body shapes and what outfits to wear. 

Here is a super basic breakdown of the body shapes, based on where you are most likely to gain weight: b- belly, o- upper body, d- thighs, x- evenly all over.  Tauyna also has some pinterest boards set up for what "styles" of clothing to wear to best help flatter your specific body type. 

What to wear to your high school senior or engagement photoshoot | Minnesota Photographer

What Does This Mean for Me?

If you invest a little time into discovering your color and your body type it will help you find the ultimate outfit to flatter your color and style for your upcoming photoshoot, which will ultimately lead to better pictures! 

Of course I am not even close to covering all there is to know, there is also an awesome 16 point accessory rule to help ensure you look "put together" and tips on what type of makeup to wear based on "your color".  There are many great resources out there including books, blogs and personal fashion consultations by Taunya. 


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