50 Top Favorites of 2018

This post has been a long time coming, you might even say quite late. I actually picked these back in January. It was a lot of fun going back through my galleries from the year, re-live all these fun sessions and try and pick my favorite images. I mean talk about a nearly impossible job!!

There is something awesome about reviewing a years worth of work all at once though. It really made me think about why I like an image, how I can be more intentional in the images I take and serve my clients better.

  1. LIGHTING - I think almost always my number one ‘thing’ was lighting. It didn’t matter if it was the perfect pose, a super cool background and awesome outfit; if the light was weird it really kills a great image.

  2. EXPRESSION - My number two thing is definitely expression. It doesn’t even matter what the expression is, but that the expression fits everything, the pose, location, outfit, body language, etc.

  3. OUTFITS - Reviewing my images this year really made me realize how HUGELY important outfits are. They really make big difference in the mood and vibe you are going for.

  4. LOCATION - And not even what you are thinking, but more so is the background, dark, light and bright, does it fit the mood? Then secondly is it epic.

  5. CONFIDENCE - Confidence in my subjects and I can almost see my confidence a little bit too.

So now that you know a little bit about what drew me to particular images, I hope you enjoy scrolling through and picking out some of your own favorites. This was a lower volume year since I was on maternity leave for half of the shooting season, which was actually really awesome for taking a step back and re-evaluating what was most important to me in my work. I always get great clients, but the people I worked with in 2018 were some of the best fits for me and my style of photography as a whole than ever before. It truly was amazing.

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