5 Ways to Instantly Look Better in Your Senior Pictures | MN Senior Photographer

Everyone wants to look their best in their pictures whether it be an iphone selfie or a professional photoshoot.  Here are 5 quick at easy tips to help you loo your best the next time you have your photo taken.

5 easy ways to instantly look better in your high school senior pictures | Amber Langerud Photography | MN Senior Photographer
  1. HAC instead of standard foundation.  Using this simple foundation technique helps define your cheek and jaw bones, giving you that Hollywood look.  Not sure what it is?  Do a quick google search, there are tons of tutorials out there and it is easier than it sounds!
  2. Remove the hairbands.  This one is super simple, just remember to slip off your hairbands on the way to your session.
  3. Pick fitted but not skin tight clothing to show off your beautiful hourglass shape, extra baggy outfits can hide your shape and skintight outfits can bring attention to any flaws or undergarment straps.
  4. Add accessories to define your style!  This simple trick can take your photos from ordinary to wow, do not underestimate the power of a bold necklace, stunning shoes or other accessories.
  5. Dress it up a notch.  Your style is everything and dressing it up a bit adds an extra layer of class and style to your senior pictures.

Bonus tip: Want you pictures to be extra "you"?  Incorporate your personality by bringing along props that represent your favorite hobbies or sports to include in your pictures.  This helps make your session interesting and uniquely you!

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