3 Ways to Get Better Pictures with Your Horse | Detroit Lakes Area Photographer

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is a girl and her horse, however it is one of the more tricky things I photograph for many reasons.  The biggest being, it can be difficult to make sure both your human and equine subjects look their best (or to be more specific, look their best at the exact same time).  Here are three of my tips to help you get better pictures every time. 


1. Zoom in to reduce distortion

Zooming in or using a "longer" focal length helps reduce distortion.  Unless you are going for a creative look, probably the last thing you want is for your horse to look like it has a HUGE head and tiny hindquarters.  Notice on the left the horse looks just funny, that was taken with a 35mm (wide angle lens) and the photo on the right was taken with a zoom lens.

Photo demonstrating distortion of different focal lengths


2. Bring your body closer to your horse's eyes/ears

When you stand next to your horse for a straight on photo, stand closer to their face (rather than farther back by the shoulder).  This helps the picture look more intimate and helps the photographer keep both the horse's face and your face in perfect focus.  See the image below for a good example of this. 

A Country Girl and Her Horse | Detroit Lakes Area High School Senior Photographer


3. Be Patient

My Third and final tip is to just be patient.  Sometimes when you go out to take pictures with your horse he/she may be squirmy or just not in the mood.  It does no good to get frustrated and impatient as this mood will just rub off on your horse.  Instead, be patient, stay relaxed and maybe even take advantage of the squirmyness to find different angles you might not have thought to shoot.  The key is keep smiling so your photographer can get the shot!



I am horse lover AND photographer!  The image below is of two of my equine kiddos.


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~Amber Langerud