3 Tips to Looking Better in Your Wedding Pictures | Detroit Lakes Area Photographer

Your wedding day is a HUGE, important day and you will probably have more pictures taken of you on your wedding day than any other day of your life.  You want to look gorgeous, like you are a part of a fairy tale.  You may ask, how can I make sure I look my best in these pictures?  Here are three of my tips.

1. The basics, an excellent fitting wedding dress, a great hairdresser and makeup artist!

2. Do not stand straight on to the camera. 

2a. tip your hips away from the camera,

2b. stretch your chin forward and down,

2c. bend your arms (hands on your hips, wrap your hands around your waist, hold your bouquet),

2d. put your weight on the leg farthest from the camera,

2e. bend your knee on the leg closest to the camera

3. Practice facial expressions in the mirror, find out where you like your smile best and your serious face (some people look great with their lips closed, some with their bottom lip just slightly dropped etc.)


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~Amber Langerud