3 Tips for Short Photographers

Being a short photographer can be tricky, especially when most of your subjects are not.  You may ask, how do you get great photos that do not look like you are "shooting up" at your subjects.  Here are a few of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years.


1. Buy a compact step stool

One of my favorite, inexpensive purchases is a small, folding, black step stool from Amazon, like this one.  It allows me to get up a little taller to my subjects level and I also use it for grabbing some creative shots and when I shoot down on my subjects, like in the picture below.



2. Have your subject lean forward from the hips

I ask my subjects to keep their posture and just lean towards me from the hips all the time!  It does two things, it brings them down to my level just a bit and for most people can be a flattering alteration to their pose.  Notice in the photo below, I have this model doing "the lean" to some extent in both poses, but more dramatically in the photo on the right.  Notice how flattering that pose looks on her.



3. Have your subjects sit on a prop or do a kneeling pose

I have an apple box for posing that I absolutely love for this reason, I also use my "princess" chair often and have my clients do kneeling poses.  This allows you to get a nice shot down on your subjects even if they are taller than you!  In the photo below, my model is sitting on the apple box on the left and kneeling on the right.



I hope those three quick tips help you out if you also struggle with being a short photographer.  If you are interested in having me take your pictures, head on over to the contact page and drop me a message to learn more!

~Amber Langerud