3 Reasons to Have a Wedding Video | Minnesota Wedding Videographer

Why would you want to invest in a wedding video?  I am a photographer first, videographer second, but am leaning more and more towards my love for video the longer I engage in the industry.  Don't get me wrong, photography is great and if you can only afford one, hire a wedding photographer, but if you can don't overthink hiring someone to video your wedding as well. 

Here are my 3 quick reasons to consider having a wedding videographer:

1. Your wedding day is just that, one day, it goes by SOOO fast, your wedding video is another way of capturing memories from the day that you can go back and relive

2. A good wedding highlight film is more than just a few clips from your wedding day, it is a quick story about you, your marriage and your special day

3. Think about family and friends who were not able to make it to your wedding, this short highlight film gives them the opportunity to feel like they were still a part of your special day

Okay, here is a fourth bonus reason, you can share this highlight film on social media and your friends and family can gush over you and your gorgeous wedding day, who doesn't love getting lots of likes and happy comments on their facebook wall!

Here are a few examples of wedding highlight films done by Amber Langerud Photography:


Milts Barn Wedding Film

Lake Park Lutheran Church & Holiday Inn Detroit Lakes Wedding Film

Milts Barn Wedding Film

Bethal Church Fargo, ND Wedding Film

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~Amber Langerud