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Hi all.  Thanks for being a loyal reader of my blog.  If you are here, you likely already know my name is Amber and I am the owner/photographer/videographer at Amber Langerud Photography.  You likely also know that I love taking pictures, am married to the love of my life and have 3 horses, but here are 10 quick facts you might not know about me. 

Me - Photo by Sarah Schumacher

1. I don't really like having my own picture taken.  I am very self conscious about how I look and feel a bit "awkward" on the other side of the camera.  This is why I take such care when photographing my subjects, especially women in terms of watching your body language and angles to make sure you look your best.  I feel you!  I also want to note that even though I don't love having my photo taken, I do think it is important to exist in photographs and make a point to have anniversary photos taken of my husband and I every year or two. 

2. I grew up on a farm.  I know how to milk cows, raise chickens etc.

3. My favorite color is blue, I think, at least on most days.  Sometimes I also like purple and brown, it really depends on the context and situation.  When it comes to t-shirts, my favorite color is black.

4. Ok so playing off that last quick fact.  My favorite casual outfit is a black wet seal t-shirt and Silver brand blue jeans.  Its comfy, cute and simple.  If you show up for a portrait session in the summer, I will likely be wearing this very outfit paired with either my black flats or western boots.

5. I have never dyed or highlighted my hair.  I know its not flashy or fancy, but I like my natural hair color.

6. I go to coffee shops quite often, whether it is to meet up with clients, to grab a drink with a friend and chat or bring with my laptop and get some work done.  But here is the kicker, I have never actually had a coffee, maybe just a sip, but that's about it.  When at a coffee shop I usually drink peppermint tea, sparkling green tea or if I am splurging hot cocoa. 

Photo by Photography by Hope

Photo by Photography by Hope

7. Horses.  At one point in my life horses were the center of my life.  In fact, for a while I didn't even like to go on vacation, because it meant time away from my horses, which meant days taken away from our training time.  If you come out to my farm for your photo session, I would be happy to introduce you to my 3 horses, they get it much easier now days, most of their life is a vacation munching on grass and frolicking around the pasture.

8. My bachelors degree is in Economics with a Business Emphasis.  I actually had pretty much no idea what I wanted to go to college for and then I took an Econ class with a super awesome professor and the rest is history.  You might be thinking this has nothing to do with photography, but actually a pretty large portion of owning a photography business is actually the business side of things (very little time is actually spent behind the camera believe it or not).  I am grateful to have a business background to help me make wise business decisions and keep my doors open for all of you!   

9. I have braces.  Well - you would know this if you hang out with me in person, but if you just follow me on social media and my blog, this little detail might have slipped right on by.  I have been considering braces on and off for a number of years now and decided it was time to take the jump as they say it only gets worse as you get older.  But if you refer back to #1, the braces give me an extra reason to skip out on the camera.

10. I love my family.  Like really, really love my family.  They are everything to me. 

I love to hear from you, did any of these 10 quick facts surprise you?  Let me know over here or in the comments.

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